Look at what Classic 105’s MAINA KAGENI and KING’ANG’I want

Look at what Classic 105’s MAINA KAGENI and KING’ANG’I want

As we come closer and closer to the festive season, most people have bizarre plans of spending the last weeks of the year, ranging from traveling upcountry – holiday Kenyan style, to travelling to holiday destinations – modern holidays of course.

Standard pull out the Pulse went on a mission on asking some celebrities on their plans this Christmas and this is what some of them had to say:
Maina Kageni
Plans for this Christmas: Taking my pals from USA to Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.  
Worst Christmas: I cannot remember any.
Best Christmas: It was the one of 2008. I went to Egypt and was blown away by the pyramids.
My Christmas wish list: Smooth fun times with family, friends, and a drama free Christmas with my baby.
Treats for listeners: It’s a surprise.
My Christmas budget: I always budget for Christmas but as for the exact money budget; let me keep that to myself.
Plans for this Christmas: I plan to travel to my shagz in Ukambani, spoil my aging beautiful mother and join the celebrations with my relatives.
Worst Christmas: When a friend booked me into a luxurious hotel at the South Coast for Christmas, only to get bad service. The hotel was fully booked and during meal time you had to queue like in high school.
Best Christmas: That would be recently when I went to the South Coast (of course in a different hotel). Went swimming in the ocean and played with dolphins’ a tranquilising experience.
My Christmas wish list: To meet with my former schoolmates and catch up on a lot of things.
Treat for fans: This time is family time. I will also celebrate with fans in shagz.
My Christmas budget: I don’t normally spend on my Christmas. I only spend a considerable amount of cash during my Christmas celebrations.
James Smart
Plans for Christmas: Travel to Mombasa with my family and later visit relatives.
Worst Christmas: Back in primary school when I was alone with a terminally ill aunt who later died in April the following year.
Best Christmas: Two years ago when my baby aged two months stopped crying during the night of the Christmas.
My Christmas wish list: The latest version of Subaru Forester.
My Christmas budget: I don’t have a budget for Christmas.
Jacquey Nyaminde aka Wilbroda
Plans for this Christmas: I plan to spend most part with my loved ones eating, drinking, laughing and thanking God for a good year.
Worst Christmas: I have been so blessed I have never had a bad Christmas.
Best Christmas: That would be during my childhood when I was bought new clothes and ate chapati and chicken.
My Christmas wish list: I wish that as a country we celebrate with great humility, love and peace.
Treat for fans: Every Christmas I visit children homes in Kibera, hopefully to put smiles on their faces.
My Christmas budget: I am honestly quite a spendthrift any other day of the year, so you can imagine what happens during Christmas; blame it on the Luo in me.
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