KTN’s Ian MUGOYA’s SWEETHEART Huddah Monroe sells … P**$Y

KTN’s Ian MUGOYA’s SWEETHEART Huddah Monroe sells … P*#$Y

Holy Molly just a few days after socialite and model Huddah Monroe got back on twitter, she was yesterday involved in a really gross word exchange with a Kenyan rapper Lyon Cash.

Huddah had earlier on quit twitter and said that she had left because she did not want disturbances while on holiday with her boyfriend. She however indicated that her friends requested her to rejoin twitter so she is back.

Well this is how the fight started; Lyon Cash never shies away from controversy and he made an innocent tweet claiming to be today’s Goliath, Huddah who noticed the tweet replied in a nasty way which triggered the confrontation.


Below are the tweets as they went:

Lyon Cash sends out this innocent tweet: “blond Goliath, i’m this generation king David.


Huddah notices this and replies: “Ati he’s this generations King David…LOOL! You need to take several firm seats n***a- @LyonCash


Lyon Cash becomes agitated he replies: “@HUDDAHMONROE i only talk to b***s talking money…i don’t talk to b***s making a living off p***y h**…get the f*** outta my timeline.”


And it’s all downhill from here. Hera are the rest of tweets;


Huddah Monroe catches a feeling: “N***’s tryin so hard,who knows who this guy is? He’s just tryna ride on other peoples fame #SWERVE- @LyonCash”


Lyon Cash now goes on a rant:


Lyon Cash: “@HUDDAHMONROE b***h you think we ain’t straight because we don’t pay h**s like you some mind?!…bitch please, we real n***z. Try me.”


Lyon Cash: @HUDDAHMONROE ask collo, makenna, tamima if there is no reason i’m beefing them…i promise i’m taking you to h***s rehab in Cancun.


Lyon Cash: @HUDDAHMONROE i said i don’t argue wit b***s selling p****y…i got money to get out here…i’m out.


Huddah “Was with yo mother selling,-@LyonCash”


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