Music vixen and socialite Vera Sikida seems to be rubbing some people in the wrong way especially since she rose to fame a few months back after appearing at P-Unit feat Collo’s track You Guy.

Vera has now been exposed by a person who remains anonymous claiming that she is a fake and not a socialite as she claims but a prostitute who hob nobs with the great and the mighty in the country.
The expose is courtesy of Nairobi Exposed:
hi admin….i wana expose a bitch whom ppl call their nairobi top socialite….

15 hours ago

vee she is. bring that story

this gal came to nai from coast…dame alikuwa mshamba ameparara wth brown teeth….she left her family came n joined a group of gals and wakaanza ile kazi ya kuuza p*ssy in hotels n on the streets…we have no problem wth her kujiuza infact its so good that she has upgraded her game n now rolls wt em ministers and lawyers….but her life still a prank….she borrows and hires cars to flaunt and show off…she brags alot on all her updates dissing her old frnds who helped house her in her early dayz za upoko
…she was recently crowned as nairobi top socialite but seriously now…..wth that fat ugly stinky ass,all pics taken by her in lodgings and hotels paid for her….is this the kind of behaviour our fellow ladies will emulate??we nid 2 end ths kind of B.S

15 hours ago

you tell me more bout her past u mean she is from coasto and she came to nai to sell da p*ssy? wapi? coz according to her profile she has been a model for sometime now. tell me all bout it

she claims to be a model ofcos to cover up for her shady ways….she used to live wth her family in kiembeni….she left coz of poverty…wat really saddens me is that even after her so called fame” she has done nothing to improve her parents lifestyle who raised her…..she works for no model agencies,wat she has is this guy who hooks her up wth the rich n famous n hooks her up wth a few interviews n appearing on magazines like insyder………insyder seriously????ok…i used to read insyders wen i was in school,so ass is wat vee is showing young boys n gals…….how do they even concentrate in class???lol….nwy ths gal was dating *****… dumped now she is trying to get hooked up wt the deputy prime minister but currentyly dating a well known advocate…..nwy,we nided to expose and fry that ass….

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