Citizen TV’s JANET MBUGUA attacked BADLY…..KTN’s Susan of TUJUANE show

Citizen TV’s JANET MBUGUA attacked BADLY…..KTN’s Susan of TUJUANE show

This war is far from over, after Citizen TV’s sultry news anchor Janet Mbugua wrote a long statement asking Kenyans to stop bullying KTN’s Tujuane show lady Susan also known as Mirfat Musa for creating a fuss, now a writer at an entertainment blog Ghafla has taken shots at Janet.

Read the statement below….
Good afternoon Janet Mbugua. Lovely weather we’re having aye? But away with the pleasantries. I want to talk to you about what i believe is an oversight in your argument in defense of Madharau Mirfat in the the statement that can be read here. Because while i can understand your empathy towards her, i find it misplaced.
Maybe it’s the whole girls sticking together vibe but to be honest, you’re barking up the wrong tree. The problem isn’t with Kenyans who are reacting to Mirfat’s conduct on “Tujuane”. The problem is one of neglect: Mirfat has neglected to offer a public apology to George.
What you’re seeing from Kenyans is simply backlash. Vindication if you will. The Kenyans you are accusing of cyber bullying are simply hitting back after years of being put down. They are also merely defending the hapless lad who had to endure the humiliation Mirfat threw his way. Not only was she denigrating in the manner she spoke to him about his clothes, but was was disrespectful in the manner she spoke about his background. she came off as someone trying to get off on utterly destroying the young lad’s self esteem.
The examples you cited were tragic examples but Mirfat’s lot is different. All she needed to do was to apologise to George. Just as she publicly humiliated him, the atonement should have been equally as public.
If indeed her assertion that “Tujuane” is scripted, she should have pushed the producers to let her make a public apology and had they refused, she had many a recourse. She instead took to social media to defend herself which further alienated Kenyans.
Mirfat knew what she was putting that lad through was nothing short of humiliating but she persisted. The adjective she used to describe him was “Pathetic”! I speak as one who has witnessed many people be humiliated by elitist attitudes and bigotry. My adjective for what happened on that episode of “Tujuane” is disheartening.

No, i’m not condoning the Facebook pages that sprung up to attack her nor am i going to make excuses for her bad behaviour. I also have no time to judge. I’m here to offer a solution that is so simple, it’s almost ludicrous: Mirfat should apologise publicly to George. She should take responsibility for her actions.
With that said, Uncle Chim Tuna flies away…. Ok, no i’m not actually flying away, i’m really just watching the clock on the wall counting down the hours till i can party at Changes. Have yourself a stellar day.
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