The clergy is up in arms against the advert sponsored by USAID about a woman advising her friend to ensure that she uses a condom if she decides to be unfaithful to her cruel husband.

Kenyans have condemned the advert which was been vigorously promoted by Classic 105’s Maina Kageni as inappropriate because it seems to be promoting immorality in Kenya. Yesterday gospel artist A-Star had his say on the issue and now One FM’s Tina Kaggia has chosen to address the issue:
“I am HIV Positive”

Caught ur attention?Good.

Now lets talk.Noone ever wants to say those words.At least I know id die if i had to say those words.So you see nothing wrong with that bullshit condom ad?I clap for you because you are brave.You have a death wish.Or you loathe ur family/soon to be family enough to kill them for sex.Your idea of protecting them is using a rubber sheath on your clandestine romps.I mean…Why be the proverbial ostrich that buries its head in the sand?Everyone is cheating right?
Wrong!Not everyone disregards their health,the vows they made to God and the well being of their families.So while you applaud the thought of having random sex,remember…When You sadly have to tell your partner,kids and family “Im HIV Positive”….You killed them.You gave that guy or girl a death sentence.You stole your kids future.You murdered them…FYI …condoms burst.And HIV respects noone.Not you,not me,not your clande.You dont get to murder people.When you said I do,you vowed before God and man to protect your family.I dont think wearing a condom with your random romps counts as protecting them.

That is all.

Food for thought right!
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