SHAME: Equity bank CEO Dr JAMES MWANGI beats up Senior Bank Manager SAM ODUOR

The Kenyan2013 has learnt that Equity Bank CEO Dr James Mwangi last week beat up his Senior Accounting Manager, Sam Oduor, after they disagreed over allocation of shareholders dividends.

Credible reports indicate that Mwangi, who has been named as a probable Cabinet Secretary in the incoming government, disagreed with Oduor after he allocated himself Sh255 million in dividends, leaving other shareholders with their mouths open. Currently, James Mwangi has 27.6 million shares at Equity Bank worth Sh4.2 billion
Oduor, who is the Bank’s Senior Accountant protested over Mwangi’s move but as the exchange of words ensued, Mwangi gave Oduor a dog’s beating before calling his security to throw him out of his office.
Oduor, 36, was rushed to a nearby hospital in Upper Hill where he was treated for facial and stomach injuries.
Oduor said he reported the matter to the police who are currently carrying out investigations.
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