KTN’s MOHAMMED ALI vs Classic 105’s CIKU MUIRURI…..read all #JICHOPEVU tweets

Last night KTN aired an explosive piece on the mysterious murder of Professor George Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode, their body guards and pilots alleging that their death was not an accident but an assassination.

The piece gave all other media houses a black out and the harsh tag #jichopevu was the trending topic worldwide
Below are a few tweets that made the evening interesting:
A blogger tweets, he is released on a bond of Ksh 100k. A cop steal the phone of Saitoti, he is released on Ksh 30k bail
# JichoPevu lasted a whole 1 hour and 26 minutes. All that matters to most Kenyans now is Ciku’s 1 minute appearance. Priorities
Was it really neccessary to have # Ciku in the # jichopevu footage yesterday? What weight did she add to the whole story?
Moha #JichoPevu showed the C.I.A where Osama was hiding… They just never have him credit. RT if unaona hii story Ni real!
#JichoPevu has more conclusive investigations than Police investigations. Moha for head of Interpol. Fasita!!!
Still on #jichopevu, Lets embrace #Nacada and help fight this drug barons for a Safer Kenya, Good morning.
“The weather was not clear” but Captain Kuto could see people on the ground directing him to the crash site. #JichoPevu
You think #CikuMuiruri is best is Busted? wait until you see her Busted by #JichoPevu, Moha the investigator :)
Kimemia will tomorrow file a suit before Judge Lenaola wanting Moha and KTN to pay him damages (this is a JOKE but might happen) #JichoPevu
Muhoro, Kimemia and Gichangi are still in charge of everything. They wouldn’t allow Raila assume power. #JichoPevu
Ciku Muiruri look, act, sound and behaves like a chips funga. #JichoPevu #GhururiYaSaitoti expose not surprising.
Did we just bust Ciku of Classic 105 Busted being carried by Artur on #jichopevu #ghururiyasaitoti
Did I see Artur carrying and touching a famous radio presenter known for bursting on people on air …?…….#jichopevu #justasking
Shollei and those British ladies at Standard Group will kill JICHO PEVU. Evil duo. #JichoPevu #GhururiYaSaitoti
So the Moi Avenue bomb was planned /o\ #JichoPevu
John Allan Namu is a PATHETIC INVESTIGATOR. Always hanging on the coat-tails of Moha. #JichoPevu #GhururiYaSaitoti
#jichopevu should also investigate why the IEBC final figures were not adding up as shown by the display board at Bomas
If this Saitoti #Jichopevu episode touches on some people, it will be trashed and ridiculed, to them, the truth should not just come up!
#jichopevu i think it’s imprudent and in bad taste for #ciku to justify her actions with the fact that #moha wanted winnie’s no.
That awkward moment last night, when Churchill did not watch his own show coz of #JichoPevu
waache,inaitwa Mbitaness. “@missmwangi: So now all Kikuyus are bad coz of the few that were mentioned in that #JichoPevu story…ookkk!!!”
#JichoPevu so she was washing ktn! and then called ;”nciku,u are tell me u sleep with my ..ngukabasti ta basti icio ciaku weee!
I live in a country where two reporters do better investigations than an entire police force.
y is tujuane trendin? #tujuane, #jichopevu i thnk KTN is havn evryone watchin them gainin more viewer.watch out citizen,NTV kenyans luv drama
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