Possible factors that led to speculations into Saitoti’s death which political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi terms as assassination include: drugs, ICC and Quest for presidency, Saitoti was the target and the rest just collateral damage. He was set to name and expose the names of the MAJOR DRUG KINGPINS in the country before the parliament, looking set to do it and with the backing of the US government and their assurance to sponsor his candidature; Saitoti seemed unstoppable and was going for it.

Fast forward to the accident day, the crew who were to fly out Saitoti and Ojode were changed overnight, uncertified check up engineer gave the euro copter an okay to fly, police helicopter left Wilson airport and 7 minutes later communication lost between the pilots and the station. 3 minutes later the aircraft crashes down. The documentary hints poisoning by carbon monoxide which according to experts would take like 10mins to kill. Exact time that took the plane to crash, the poisoning could have happened and by the last 3 minutes the pilots must have been gas poisoned and dead before the plane going around and crashing with the rest still alive only to crash and burn beyond recognition.

At the scene the then police commissioner Iteere checks in and leaves without giving any official statement. according to documentary the conspiracy to damage the evidence took toll, the bodies were hurriedly whisked away, in normal circumstances the bodies should be left there untampered with till the medics examine and take all the necessary evidences, also the police didn’t act fast to cover the scene and seal off the public as this would help conserve the evidence instead the public were allowed to step in hence tampering with evidence. Meanwhile from the accident scene Saitoti’s watch, mobile phone went missing, later revealed a junior police officer had the phone and even kept on using it making contacts with unnamed people.

The reporters later lodged a case to have the police officer held responsible for confiscating Saitoti’s phone; a letter was sent to Muhoro director CID, commissioner of police Samwel Iteere, NSIS chief Gichangi, and even Kimemia and NEVER came any reply. During the transfer of the bodies at the Lee funeral home, the place and where the bodies were being preserved was under tight security and supervision by the NSIS, the pathologist in charge Dr.Oduor is said to have been under instruction from NSIS to exclude some findings in the final report. A commission of inquiry was formed led by Kalpana Rawwal to investigate into the crash. In the proceedings, one of the witnesses who performed the pathology on the bodies hinted traces of cyanide in the tissues, a result of turning the body tissues pink. This part was deliberately left out on the final report with instructions from the NSIS.

Also uncovered was that the blood samples taken from the bodies which I normal circumstances are taken to the government chemist and preserved, mysteriously dried within times. The drying up of the blood was a conspiracy to destroy the evidence, also unusual the tests and operations were only carried on two bodies, the two pilots leaving out the rest the bodies. Despite all the glaring evidence and abnormalities. The Kalpana LED COMMISSION IN THEIR FINAL report said the crash was as a result of aviation technicalities and bad weather. The commission deemed to be a dupe.
The piece ends leaving with questions and openings pointing at. ICC issue( he was a KEY witness)
Drug question(he had the names and was to name them*rem in previous big names in the government involved*)

Politics ( he was seen to be a stumbling block to some of the key presidential candidates, with great influence in PNU by then he was unstoppable)
The NSIS,CID and Kimemia adversely mentioned.

The documentary is left open for the viewer to decide with the facts whether it was murder or accident.

Meanwhile Kalpana Rawwal is set to be the deputy CJ, Kimemia set to be the minister for defense. RIP to all the victims.

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