MIKE SONKO’S wife wants to divorce him over RACHAEL SHEBESH’s SAGA

Word on the street is that the wife of Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has initiated steps for divorce over reports that her husband is having an extra marital affair with Nairobi Women’s Representative Rachael Shebesh.

The wife, who is in her early thirties, was overheard complaining that Shebesh (who is married to a handsome husband) has already taken his husband and they are having sexual affairs in a discreet manner.
The wife is said to have known the affair of the two TNA big shots from one of his bodyguards who got tired of the mistreatment he was getting.
The bodyguard claimed the “two lovers” had gone to a point of kicking him out of Sonko’s Hummer so that they can make out.
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