Man CATCHES wife having S3X with his SON in Kirinyaga

There was drama at a village in Kirinyaga after a man found his wife having s3x with his son.

The man, a casual labourer was known to be a binge drinker and always came home late and totally drunk.  Sources reveal that he had married the woman after he had a son with another woman from his first marriage.
The wife had no child and lived with the boy as her own treating him as her biological son.
Things, however, changed when the boy turned 14. Neighbours told the media that the two became so inseparable and showed too much affection to each other.
They however assumed that it’s the normal mother son relationship.
On the material day, the mother and son had waited for the husband to go out drinking as usual. They went and started licking the honey jars as usual forgetting to shut the door tight. Unfortunately, the husband came back home earlier unexpectedly.
He was puzzled to see his 16 year old son licking his honey pot and a fight ensued. He beat the son thoroughly and disowned him. The woman defended herself saying that the husband was never around to satisfy her sexual urges and she decided to get it from the son.
The dispute was taken to the village elders who were yet to give their decision.
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