SHOCKER: PHOTOS of CONMEN who made 1.7M through a fake advert on Daily Nation

Friday, August 30, 2013 – Yesterday, a Kenyan blogger revealed a scam on an advert on Pg 30 of the Daily Nation where a child who was in need of medical help wanted money from well wishers for a liver transplant in india. However, the scam did not last long because already two people have been arrested in connection with this despicable act.

Two men were arrested at Nation Center when they showed up to pay for the advert where they wanted to use a photo of a black American child with rare blue eyes named Laren Galloway.

Omkokwa and Conrad Njeru are now in police custody and police are searching for a third person, Ruth Pauline, whose accounts and phone number were used. The lady is apparently an 18 year old girl.

The conmen forged medical certificates and even a letter from a Chief, Kiambu Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital, which are some of the requirements of placing a medical appeal advert.

Sources from Nation center reveal that the group of conmen had raised about Sh. 1.7 million from gullible Kenyans. Most of the money was sent through M-Pesa.


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