FRANCIS KIMEMIA will be the acting Deputy President when RUTO is at The Hague.

As the date for the trials of Deputy President, William Ruto, at The Hague approaches, many are wondering whether or not there would a leadership vacuum in the office of the Deputy President, considering that Ruto will be spending almost a month at The Hague before breaking.

But a closer look at articles 153 and 154 of constitution puts the Secretary to the Cabinet, Francis Kimemia, in a better position to act as Deputy President in the absence of Ruto due to the immense powers vested upon his office.

According to section 8 and 11 (4) of the National Government Coordination Act 2013, the President is mandated to delegate any duty and responsibility including that of the office of the Deputy President to the Secretary to the Cabinet.

“Cabinet Secretary (Francis Kimemia) in charge of the Cabinet office shall perform any other duties as assigned to him/her by the President”, read the section.

If this section is read in tandem with the preamble and the object of the Act, then Kimemia will be the de-facto Deputy President in the absence of William Ruto.

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