BREAKING NEWS: VIDEO of Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero Slapping Rachael Shebesh

These have been two days of drama. Sonko’s outburst on KISS 100, thursday morning, then CORD MPs storming out of parliment in the afternoon.
Now just a few minutes ago, (Friday afternoon), Nairobi governor Evans Kidero has been caught on camera slapping women rep Rachael Shebesh.

Shebesh had joined striking city council workers who had stormed the governor’s office. The governor became infuriated and dropped one powerful slap on Shebesh.

She has recorded a statement at Parliament Police Station, following the assault.

More to follow.

Watch below.

The slap is so loud that everyone but Shebesh shuts up.

UPDATE: Kidero denies slapping Shebesh.. He must have a double.


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