JEFF KOINANGE said this on National TV………..KTN or K24

After working at K24 til last year, former CNN journalist Jeff Koinange left to Arise News based in South Africa and now he is back to KTN.

He recently did the second episode of his show Jeff Koinange Live where he hosted Westgate mall hero Abdul Hajji and as he ended the show he had a slip of the tongue and this is what he said:

“It’s only happening on your authoritative station K24.”

Well he did not get time to apologize for the mistake but Kenyans had their take:

He!he! Jeff… Did u jst say K24 on ur KTN show..

Jeff Koinange and Ole Lenku are twins… Jeff said “authoritative station @K24 for his show in KTN

#JKL Jeff hapo mwisho u went a sleep, it’s ktn not k24

@KoinangeJeff awesome show it was… despite the slip of tongue…K24 lol..

Ati k24??? Hehehe

@KoinangeJeff just said K24??? Oooh my!

BREAKING NEWS!!! Kenya unveils new TV Station!!! KTN24!!!

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