Kenyans Jokes and Reactions To Shebesh Nude Photos

On Tuesday, photos of a lady alleged to be Nairobi Women representative Rachael Shebesh, and her frenemy, Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, leaked.

The most scandalous of them showed the lady alleged to be Shebesh performing some sexual action on a pot bellied man.
Other photos showed the two in lying together in bed.

The photos went viral on social media, and coming just days after another Shebesh – Sonko incident (the slapping incident), Kenyans did not spare their thoughts.

Here are some of the comments.

If this was a Nigerian movie Shebesh would turn into a dog and run towards Rongai. – @RamzZy_

Shebesh is starting her own music label, inaitwa Ogopa Bjs. – ‏@masaku_

Lets give Sonko/Shebesh a break maybe the guy just wanted to leak Westgate Intelligence but kidole ikafinya mahali. – ‏@DennisOkari

If only Kenyans could pursue VAT_Act & all other illegal levy #JubileeGovt has imposed in equal measure as they pursue Shebesh nude pics! – @KumekuchaPhil

That sonko and shebesh affair is one of the reasons why we’re a third world country” – @FAITHMURIITHI

Sonko n shebesh r a shame to this country.. N they shld find how to deal with there love gone sour thing instead of remainig silent. – @herine_milly

If you work under Shebesh you have to respect her or risk being Sucked.” – @masaku_

after seeing her *nudes, shebesh anafaa kuitwa na CUNTy weMEN rep. – @magaque

Let us not speculate but wait for forensic evidence to confirm whose kitambi that was! “Sonko and Shebesh” – @Denoxedus

What a beautiful way for Sonko and Shebesh to start the month of Octomba!!! *SMH* – ‏@tonnie_jayke

There are some things you can’t say loudly in public like “I’m Shebesh’s husband” – @Masaku_

Shebesh and Sonko just took one for the team (govt). Now no one cares anymore where the 300 billion disappeared to – @KanaiyaKK

A man and a woman can’t just be friends!! I support Sonko n Shebesh – @MYSTYQ_JAY

Sonko aliingia P ya Shebesh akapata graffiti ya ‘Waititu 4 gavana’ – @StiflerShrek

I believe its high time #Sonko and #Shebesh resigned. They have lost the moral authority to be our leaders. Too much drama. The pain nayo? – @SokoAnalyst

trying to remember what shebesh said about UON girls – @ChachaMaroa

On a scale of Huddah to Shebesh, how vomit-inducing are those nudes? – ‏@jmwai

As society would have it,shebesh will have it harder in terms of judgement than sonko.smh – @mohbandz

Sonko and Shebesh,I really hope no sextape to follow. – @ALDO_Agidosboys

Carol Mutoko akizoom hio D ya Sonko atamshow pia yeye apeleke sigara yake kwa Shebesh. – @masaku_

Mr. Shebesh should beware of Sonko, nobody knows the hour of his cumming. – @Masaku_

Yes Shebesh you are a mother .that shoulda been reason enough to not go down that road. #disappointed – @MissSonnie

After what Sonko and Shebesh have shown us, I now believe kidero was touched ‘inappropriately’ below abdomen! – @karson009

So Sonko with all that cash is actually screwing Shebesh, hehe…and i thought the cash should help him get cuter chiqs. – @Iantoz

And shebesh was calling uon students hoes lol nyani haoni kundule – @kydmona

Sonko and Shebesh = Devolution. #WeAreOne Nairobi elected a bunch of horny leaders. It’s a shame to their families having to see those pics – @markphilo

Shebesh husband goes to a Pub and calls a Waiter ” Hey nipe Tusker baridi” he replies ” Boss imebaki Senator Keg” He moves out SMH!! – @Stevechegejr

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