Comedian Wakimani Returns To Churchill Show


Popular comedian Paul Ogutu alias Wakimani has decided to go back to his comedy home…Churchill Show.

Wakimani has been working with Heartstrings Kenya where he hosted the hot seat alongside fellow comedian Ayeiya.

The funny comedian has been acting since high school and in 2007, he won the award for best actor at the National Drama Festivals. However, he first shot to fame when he participated in the another of Churchill’s project, Top Comic.

Wakimani returns to Churchill show at an interesting time when several comedians are departing. Wanjiku the Teacher and Ayeiya are rumoured to have left the show due to poor pay, while Eric Omondi’s status is unknown. Wanjiku has even gone ahead to launch her own show in a rival station.

However, despite the loss, Churchill somehow manages to keep the show going by introducing fresh and arguably funnier comedians. Karis and Owago Onyiro have established themselves as the crowd favourites.

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