Cheating Wife Caught In The Act By Husband In Pangani (PHOTOS)

The man who was caught in the house in Pangani on a police vehicle…PHOTO COURTESY

A man in Pangani caught his wife red-handed cheating on him on Saturday.

Julius Mutua had returned to his house to pick his ATM card when he found his wife and the man in the act. On the table, stood a bottle of wine and two half-filled glasses.

His wife took off, leaving her lover at the mercy of her husband. It took the intervention of watchman to spare the man from the wrath of neighbours.

According to Mr Mutua, this was not the first time he had busted the two lovebirds. He caught the two together last year in November and negotiations with his randy wife had settled the affair. This time however, he insists on taking the matter to the police.

The man was taken to Pangani police station to record a statement.
Infidelity is not a criminal offence in Kenyan, though it is considered sufficient ground for a divorce.

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