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Michelle Morgan Opens Up About Her Life And Her Special Man

When you think of hot TV presenters,Michelle Morgan more often than not appears on the top of the list.She is a favorite to many and business news has certainly gotten hotter since the Hillcrest Alumnus made her debut on the Small screen. Click Here to Read More

Hot new TV Show Set To Focus The Spotlight On Kenya’s TV And Movie Industry

A brand new TV Show that will exclusively focus on the Film and TV Industry in East Africa has been launched. Click Here to Read More

Controversial MP Calls For Media-Parliament Dialogue Following Public Outcry Over The New Media Bill

The controversial media bill has caused quite the backlash not only from the media but from the public as well. It was seen as a move to muzzle one of the most important arms of the government the ‘fourth estate’ also ‘referred’ to as the watch dog. Click Here to Read More

This is Hilarious: The Draconian Media Bill Debate Made into A Fairytale (VIDEO)

Media reacted with shock and outrage on Friday after parliament voted through a bill that could see journalists and outlets slapped with huge fines for violating a code of conduct. The bill, which is pending approval by President Uhuru Kenyatta, would also herald strict controls on radio and television broadcasts. Click Here to Read More

Nyashinski Is Back And He Has A Hot New Track

Nyashinksi was one of the hardest hitting Kenyan emcees that ever blessed the mic. then like a dream, we awoke one day and he was gone. And that happened so long ago that the last hit song he had is like a distant memory. Click Here to Read More

Zuku Unveils New Channel for Kids

Pay TV provider Zuku today unveiled a first on the continent with the launch of Africa’s first kids channel dubbed Zuku Kids.The development of the channel is another addition to the firm’s growing portfolio of localized programming. Click Here to Read More

Victoria Kimani Viciously Attacks Hater For Calling Her A Rihanna Copycat (Photos)

We used to refer to her as Bamboo’s little sister but Victoria Kimani has managed to get out of her brothers shadow and make a name for herself.The CHOMVA awards nominee has come a long way from her days as the “talented girl” in the Love Vs Hate song to… Click Here to Read More

You Have Only 15 Days To Vote For The Channel O Music Video Awards 2013 Kenyan Nominees

They took hours,days and months to make the 3 minute track/video you listen to and watch.And it’s now time to reward those who did best when it comes to video production.Here are the Kenyan Nominees for the prestigious Channel O music Video Awards; Click Here to Read More

Is Huddah Monroe Back On Cheap Drugs? (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Huddah has gone on record as having stated that she has a history of drug abuse but she managed to kick the habit. I am now saddened to report that she seems to have found her way back to cheap drugs such as “Bhangi” and “Miraa”. Click Here to Read More

Grab Your Copy Of Drum And Read About Why Vera sidika Is No Bimbo

Vera Sidika has been associated with the quintessential blonde for a while now and she is fed up with that depiction. And as someone who has spoken to her i can safely assert that the depiction of Vera as the archetype for blond bombshells is way off. This lass is… Click Here to Read More

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